Quest Software Toad for DB2 Freeware

Quest Software Toad for DB2 Freeware

Toad for DB2 enables you to perform daily development and administration tasks

Toad for DB2 enables you to perform daily development and administration tasks with speed and accuracy.
Main Features:
- Delivers catalog browsing and reporting at a glance
- Streamlines SQL development and deployment
- Improves SQL quality by optimizing code automatically
- Simplifies DB2 object management
- Supports custom report automation
- Lets you customize reports
- Supports knowledge exchange through a healthy online user communityToad for DB2 is a nice database administration tool made by Quest Software. DB2 is IBM's relational model database. Toad for DB2 has plenty of functions. Toad for DB2 supports DB2 LUW (Linux, Unix, Windows) and also z/OS sub systems, but the support for latest OS versions is not included in the Freeware version.

In Toad you can actually browse graphically through the database, in other words, view objects in a graphic view. You can also organize, move, create connections, and make queries in the program's own query interface.

On the whole, the interface is very familiar to all versions of Toad, and in theory the functionality is the same, depending on the database engine you are running. However, for DB2, Quest Software had to provide enough support for LUW. The only downside in the Freeware version is that a lot of features, available in the commercial version, such as ER Diagrams and Automation tools etc. are missing.
However, Toad for DB2 freeware is a nice tool that does the job in a proper way.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Highly configurable
  • Lots of features


  • Freeware version lacks some options, present in commercial one
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